I hate that sick gut feeling you get after a burst of disappointment

Three years old this is today.
Nothing great but it proves I’ve always had a keen eye for photography.

Three years old this is today.

Nothing great but it proves I’ve always had a keen eye for photography.

Sorry I’ve been inactive for a while, have some images I’ve captured whilst I’ve been away

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I got some answers for you guys because it is my soul purpose to wake as many people up as I possibly can,

Because I need people who realize whether you’re 15 years old or 500 years old that you can still be happy and you can still do things you really want to do.

Because you’re not limited, you have your legs, you have your eyes. You have your arms, you’re breathing!

You’re living baby do you realize that. And I can’t believe it there’s people in the hospital right now, dying fighting for their lives. But you my friend are breathing. You are reading this. You have fingers, you have an arm, and you have eyes. Can you realize how many things we take for granted guys c’mon? We got put on this earth by the people we love. And they might have bashed, they may have criticized you, they might have not said the most wonderful things to you over the course of the years but let’s realize one thing.

We all want the same things, we all want to be happy, we all want to be wealthy, and we all want to succeed.
But what really matters, what really really really matters, is you’re breathing. And the people that love you are breathing. And the people around you are breathing.

So there’s no reason to be unhappy, there’s no reason to think you can’t achieve your dreams, your goals, your visions.
Listen, I understand you want to get a great job one day but a job is somebody else’s dream.
You have a dream and it’s in your heart. I don’t care if you stop reading this, I don’t care if you don’t like me, I don’t care if you’ve never met me before, I’m here for you. I’m your friend, I believe in you, I believe in every single one of you, because if you took the time to read this, I believe in you. Because if you can make the effort to read this, you can most certainly do anything you want to do because you’re functioning. You’re breathing, you’re living guys.

You might not have the best relationship right now, you might not have all the money you want right now, your family might not be going the way that you want right now but just know, that you can’t live the life you want to live and remember, it’s in your heart… And when you’re at home doing the things that you like to do, that people don’t really notice, that people don’t see because you’re not being the real you, just know that’s who you need to be. And if you want to be happy you have to start loving yourself, because you are a wonderful person. And god didn’t just create you for nothing, you have a purpose man, and it’s in your heart.

And the visions you have, the dreams you have, the goals you have… are real.

They are real. They are real.

Guys, you’re no different than Warren Buffet, you’re no different than Bill Gates, you’re no different than Obama, you guys are special, you are important , you are beautiful people. You have a heart beat because that’s what really matter. A relationship doesn’t work off of attraction. That fades away.

Have you ever bought something new and within a couple of months it’s old news? A heart never really grows old but when it does grow old it dies and it never comes back. Just realize you can always go out and get a job, you can always go out and find somebody to hang out with, and you can always go meet new people. You can always find more money, you can always go find more items, cars, clothes but you can never replace a life and you can never replace anybody that put you in on this world because THEY are the reasons you’re walking, talking, living and breathing. Your ownership, your parents, your friends, your family are the ones who are there for you when you’re broke, the ones who are there for you when you’re down, the ones who are there for you when it really matters, they’re the people you need to surround yourself with because life is too fucking short to worry about what people think about you guys, sorry for my language but it’s the truth, it’s the truth if somebody’s being mean to you, if somebody’s hurting your feelings, if somebody’s controlling you, just know they’re miserable guys. Please just know they’re miserable. I don’t care if they have a million dollars. If they’re being a rude person, to a stranger. We’re equal. There’s no difference if they have more money than you but they’re not living any longer than you. They’re still going to die and guess what, when they die, they’re going to die the same way you die. With nothing.

They came into this world with nothing, so don’t let people think they’re better than you. Don’t let people think they’re greater than you. You are great, you are intelligent, and you have everything you need to succeed. And if you don’t believe it then you’re never going to achieve it guys.

If you have a vision. It takes one vision.

It takes one goal. It takes one dream. To be happy.

At the end of the night before you go to sleep, when you’re thinking with all these things running around your brain like where am I what, what am I doing, how do I do this just know, you know where to go. Just know, you know what to do.

You need the direction? I’ll give you it. In your heart.

I don’t know what you’re waiting for.

And I’m talking to every single one of you.

Your direction, your guidance, is in your heart.

You need to follow it. And when you follow it and you start to feel like you’re failing, it’s okay. Because the happiest people in the world go through a lot of failures, a lot of battles. And you will forever deal with tough situations, okay guys.
But there’s light at the end of the tunnel.

Because you’re no different, than any one of us.

And I’m no different than you.




St Paul’s.

St Paul’s.

Underground. Underground.


Leake street, London. Leake street, London.

Leake street, London.